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Düsseldorf News - Here comes the summer... - Noticias de Viajes
Alemania Eventos

Düsseldorf News - Here comes the summer...

Noticias de Viajes > Noticias de Alemania - Noticias de Eventos

Now it’s official – we’re in the premier league! Congratulations to the Fortuna Düsseldorf team on their success. But it’s not just in football that we’re first class: The Düsseldorf art and cultural landscape and mega events such as the Biggest fun fair on the Rhine can hold their own too. Visit us and enjoy exciting football matches, excellent exhibitions and high-calibre, international performing arts. We look forward to your visit.


12th Düsseldorf Festival of France

Most people know France for its good food, its outstanding wine and, above, for its savoir vivre. This feel for good living will be transported to Burgplatz from 13th to 15th July with an original French market, typical French specialities and a Francophone musical programme...more

The Biggest fun fair on the Rhine

The funfair city will be erected for the 111th time at its picturesque location in the Oberkasseler Rheinwiesen (Oberkassel Rhine Meadows) from 13th to 22nd July. Spread across the 165,000-square-metre meadows, local and international exhibitors will present a wide selection of rides guaranteeing fun for all the family. Like last year, one of the highlights will be the grand fireworks display on the last day of the fun fair (20th July). Come along, have a great time, and then let the night wind down quietly in Düsseldorf. We are offering hotel packages starting from only 52 euros per person…more

Düsseldorf Festival! The Festival for Performing Arts

From this year, the “altstadtherbst kulturfestival düsseldorf” will be known as the “düsseldorf festival!” and will be remaining true to form with the new name, inviting visitors to discover, dream and marvel from 12th September until 3rd October. Look forward to international co-productions and German premieres, as well as fringe events and rarities...more

Art & Culture

International Dance Exhibition NRW

The world’s biggest exhibition for Contemporary Dance will be taking place in Düsseldorf from 29th August to 1st September, with 243 exhibitors from 34 countries. This exhibition isn’t only interesting to the organisers and professionals, as it has been specifically designed not to be an exclusive gathering for insiders. Following the grand inauguration at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, more than 60 companies – including two of Taiwan’s most important contemporary companies, Cloud Gate 2 and the Legend Lin Dance Theatre and Beijing Dance/LDTX – will be displaying their work to a broad cross-section of the public...more

Andreas Gursky. New works

Andreas Gursky is one of the world’s most important contemporary photographers. Apart from the digital processing of colour photography the hallmarks of his work include the often extremely large formats, the extraordinary depth of field in his photographs, and the ambivalent perspective of his motifs. The Museum Kunstpalast shows work from the artist’s current creative phase for the first time, complemented by an exclusive selection of photographs from recent years (22.09.2012 – 13.01.2013) …more

100 x Paul Klee – Geschichte der Bilder (History of the Paintings)

From 29th September 2012 to 10th February 2013 for the first time the Kunstsammlung will be showing all 100 works by artist Paul Klee in its possession at an exhibition which has been optimised in terms of curation and conservation. The Düsseldorf Klee collection – probably the biggest single collection of the artist’s works in a German museum – offers an unparalleled insight into the work of this multifaceted artist…more


Tito & Tarantula

The US rock band achieved international fame in 1996 after appearing in the film “From Dusk Till Dawn”. One of the featured songs, “After Dark” has remained its biggest hit to date. The band will be rocking the zakk Halle on 11th July…=events_info&tx_bpdticket_pi1[id]=26090]more

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

He became famous as the main songwriter and lead guitarist of the legendary band “Oasis”. After numerous disputes with the band’s frontman – his brother Liam Gallagher – he finally left the band in 2009. His first solo studio album was released on 17th October 2011 and made it straight to the top of the British album charts, while also reaching No. 11 in the German charts. Noel Gallagher will be paying Düsseldorf a visit on 3rd October when he’ll be performing at the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE…=events_info&tx_bpdticket_pi1[id]=131814]more


Berenberg High Goal Cup 2012

Four high-calibre teams will be competing for the sixth time for the Berenberg High Goal Cup at the Düsseldorf Polo & Country Club from 6th to 8th July. More and more people are discovering this sport for themselves – be it on horseback or as spectators. In recent years, people have already been queuing up, even before the first ball was played…=events_info&tx_bpdticket_pi1[id]=79938]more

T³ Triathlon Düsseldorf

The T³ Triathlon – including the 1st Triathlon Federal League – will be taking place for the second time in Düsseldorf on 8th July. This year a record-breaking 2,200 competitors will be taking part. The programme includes the sprint distance (750 m swimming, 20 km cycling, 5 km running) and the Olympic distance (1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling, 10 km running). The T³ Triathlon in Düsseldorf is the second in a total of four stages of the 1st Triathlon Men’s and Women’s Federal League…more

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Ciudad Tema: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer - Alemania
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Willy Fog
Willy Fog
Jun 21, 2009
Mensajes: 11493

Fecha: Vie Ene 25, 2019 01:06 am    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

Gracias @javiky13

Siguiendo las web estoy viendo la posibilidad de ahorrar en transporte y optimizar el tiempo. Quizás sea mejor el día que cojamos el tren desde Dusseldorf a Colonia para cambiar de alojamiento, dejar las mochilas, y ese día visitar Bonn. así compraríamos el billete conjunto de día y se ahorra.

27 febrero. Ver Dusseldorf por la tarde. Dormir ahí (Tren al centro desde el aeropuerto: salen cada 20 minutos, dura unos 12 minutes al Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) billete sencillo: €2.50

28 febrero. Ir a Colonia. Coger el airbnb. Ir a Bonn y verla, volver...  Leer más ...
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Feb 27, 2012
Mensajes: 3218

Fecha: Vie Ene 25, 2019 02:10 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

@Carcaro veo que has hecho los deberes Mr. Green Mr. Green Las diferencias VRS y KVB son el propietario del consorcio de transportes. KVB es de Colonia, y VRS de la región de Colonia/Bonn, es decir KVB esta integrado en el consorcio de transportes de VRS al igual que lo está SWB que es el de Bonn. Para ir hasta Aquisgrán, yo compraría el billete de Lander. Son 2 euros más y así aseguras que al estar dentro del estado no tengo problemas si estoy saliendo de la zona de validez, o coges un transporte de otro consorcio.... como estos tiques suelen incluir todos los consorcios, es más...  Leer más ...
Willy Fog
Willy Fog
Jun 21, 2009
Mensajes: 11493

Fecha: Vie Ene 25, 2019 11:22 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

@javiky13 Gracias jajaja Riendo Amistad Compraremos el Lander para Aquisgrán. Tienes razón, por 2€ mejor ir seguros con el billete que une consorcios. Amistad La info sobre el S-13 la hemos sacado buscando info en la web del aeropuerto: vices.html Y luego pinchando en el enlace de la sección de buses: Pone en el enlace que está gestionado por VRS. Y va el S13 al aeropuerto, entre otros. Genial javiky13. Gracias por toda tu ayuda. ¿ves bien hacer...  Leer más ...
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Feb 27, 2012
Mensajes: 3218

Fecha: Sab Ene 26, 2019 12:54 am    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

@Carcaro Acabo de ver un S-13 en la web de DB y pone que el precio es 2,7.....yo me aloje en un Ibis entre la ciudad y el aeropuerto y es el que solía coger, y el precio era el normal....

8,8 seria el billete individual para 24 horas.....

Bonn no está llena de atractivos, así que puede que el tiempo que os dejan los viajes (más madrugando) sea suficiente
Sep 16, 2013
Mensajes: 128

Fecha: Vie Feb 01, 2019 06:58 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

Buenas tardes!!!
Resulta que vamos un par de días a Dusseldorf. He estado leyendo que una vez que estemos en el aeropuerto tenemos que coger un tren hacia el centro. El problema es que cuando me meto en la página del tren sin no me equivoco, pongo los datos y me indica que no hay trenes disponibles. Si eso es así, qué otra opcion tengo para ir al centro, autobus?? Si es así puedo comprar los billetes por interntet? NO hago caso de la página web y compro allí los billetes de tren?

Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda!!!
Un saludo
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