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Athens Spotlighted City Card - Noticias de Grecia
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Athens Spotlighted City Card

Enviado por spainsun el Martes, 27 Diciembre de 2011 a las 01:16:19

The Athens International Airport announced the “Athens Spotlighted” programme, its initiative launched on November 14th, aimed at boosting the attractiveness of the capital city as a city-break destination for foreign visitors. The “athenspotlighted” city card will be available at the airport. The city card will be offers discounted prices, special rates for a period of 10 days, offering rebates at participating museums, galleries, restaurants, shops, bus touring and cruise companies, rental car companies, etc. Sixty-four businesses and organizations have already joined the initiative, and over one hundred are expected to participate by the end of the year.

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Enviado por spainsun el Martes, 27 Diciembre de 2011 a las 01:16:19 (6080 Lecturas) Puntuación Promedio: 5 y 2 votos

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