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FITUR & LosViajeros - Noticias de Viajes

Publicado por adecara el Jueves, 01 Enero de 2004 a las 02:00:00

The most important Tourism Celebration of the world, FITUR (The International Fair for the Tourism) has been celebrated in Madrid in the last week of January. With more than 90.000 professionals & the same amount of non-professional public, the success of this event has coincided with the continued success of LosViajeros that reach 700 visits per day of media that week.

New destinations as Libya, Iran, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Cameroon or some Central America destinations have rivalled with some traditional destinations as India...

...(with a excellent stand but a bit anarchist) or other European destinations.

Among the Spanish representation, as host of FITUR, the most amazing was the hug Andalusian pavilion, the pretty Canary Island’s pavilion & very interesting Madrid and Basque Country.

In February, the success of LosViajeros has beaten the barrier of the 1000 visits per day.

The fashion of travelling is rising.


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