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Posted by Oficinas-Turismo on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 (22:20:25)

Slovenia, one of the greenest countries in the World, located at the heart of Europe, has recognised the great potential of its partnership with the Dallas Mavericks basketball club, starring world-class athlete Luka Dončić, for greater visibility of Slovenia and the I feel Slovenia national brand, including opportunities across business, investment and tourism.


When Texas feels Slovenia on a basketball court...

Texas will have its very first opportunity to feel Slovenia at a basketball game on 11 March 2020. This will be a true ‘I Feel Slovenia’ evening with some exciting Slovenian surprises before and during the game.

Not only will this be the official name of the game, but Slovenia will also be represented on Dallas’ home court by two players; Luka Dončić from the Dallas Mavericks, whose performances and charisma first caught the attention of the NBA, and Vlatko Čančar who plays for the Denver Nuggets. Every aspiring basketball player dreams of an NBA career, and a nation of just 2 million people will have two players representing them at the game!

Los Angeles Clippers - Dallas Mavericks
Slovenian athletes have always been the best ambassadors for the destination. Sport’s emotional charge and unifying effects means that its impact often spills out into other areas.

It seems almost inconceivable that a nation of just 2 million could achieve such great results in sports. Slovenian athletes are ranked among the best in the world according to the medals won at the Olympic Games per capita of population, and athletes from many different fields of sports achieve outstanding results almost daily.

... and when Texas feels Slovenia as a business opportunity

The ‘Texas Feels Slovenia’ business conference takes place 12 March 2020 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. It will be a unique chance to familiarise the business community from Dallas, and indeed across Texas, with investment, business and tourism opportunities within Slovenia. Furthermore, Slovenian companies will be able to establish contacts with potential business partners in Texas.

The aim of the partnership with the Dallas Mavericks is also to present Slovenia as a green boutique tourist destination for visitors seeking diverse and active five-star experiences. Representatives from more than 20 tourist providers including Slovenian Tour Operators, Tourist Destinations and Hotels will present their offer at the Slovenian Tourist Workshop, which will be organised in the framework of the Business Conference. In past years, the STB has intensified activities in the US market, the most important incoming overseas market for Slovenian Tourism. Over the past ten years, the number of tourists from the US market has risen by 300%.

The Slovenian government’s strategy defines the United States as a priority market for an increase in the volume of trade, export market for Slovenian products and services, and a source of potential investors with sufficient capital and from the relevant industries.

Under the auspices of the Slovenian company Sport Media Focus, Slovenia’s partnership with the Dallas Mavericks brought together the Government Communication Office, the Slovenian Tourist Board, SPIRIT Slovenia and Ljubljana Tourism. The business conference is organised in cooperation with Slovenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and AmCham Slovenia.

The Partnership is a unique opportunity for all national institutions. We aim to make a connection between achievements in sport and the economy. Texas offers numerous possibilities, and it is the 10th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. This is an excellent opportunity for Slovenian companies that would like to enter this market.

Informacion facilitada por Turismo de Eslovenia - Slovenian Tourist Board:

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Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Feb 22, 2011
Messages: 1202

Date: Sun Sep 18, 2022 04:45 pm    Subject: Re: Eslovenia: Que visitar, alojamiento, rutas

"Salodari" wrote:
@ ranel vaya ruta chula!! Gracias por compartirla Amistad

La verdad que sí, y una pasada de país..
Conforme vaya teniendo tiempo iré subiendo cosas .
Travel Addict
Travel Addict
Feb 26, 2009
Messages: 55

Date: Thu Sep 29, 2022 01:00 pm    Subject: Re: Liubliana / Ljubljana. Que ver, restaurantes - Eslovenia

Hola Viajeros, acabamos de volver de Eslovenia y quería hacer algunos comentarios. El país es precioso, las llanuras rodeadas de montañas unas detrás de otras son preciosas, los valles, los ríos, todo en general. Pero se necesita estar en buena forma física, se camina mucho y sobre todo subidas y bajadas. Para la Cascada Velika 550 escalones, muy empinados, para la Cueva Skojan otro tanto.... Ljubljana también merece la pena, aunque se ve en poco tiempo. Nosotras teníamos ahí la base, en un Airbnb, y cada día hacíamos una excursión, con un viaje privado de una Agencia local Ekorna...  read more...
Moderador de Diarios
Moderador de Diarios
Apr 03, 2009
Messages: 12569

Date: Thu Sep 29, 2022 01:21 pm    Subject: Re: Eslovenia: Que visitar, alojamiento, rutas

@albaliste gracias por tu resumen!! Me traigo tu mensaje al hilo general Amistad
New Traveller
New Traveller
Sep 10, 2022
Messages: 2

Date: Wed Oct 26, 2022 07:07 pm    Subject: Re: Eslovenia: Que visitar, alojamiento, rutas

Hola viajeros! soy nueva por aquí, acabo de volver de Eslovenia así que lo tengo todo bastante reciente por si alguien tiene dudas. Hemos hecho un recorrido bastante extenso durante 14 días, en nuestro coche, con dos peques. Hemos ido haciendo ruta des de Barcelona. A ratos estoy haciendo un diario por si es de utilidad, ya que para mí poder consultar los diarios del foro marcó la diferencia en nuestro viaje! a ver si puedo terminarlo pronto. Una de mis mayores motivaciones para hacer el diario es el tema de la visita a la Garganta de Vintgar, ya que ha cambiado a causa de la pandemia...  read more...
Moderador de Diarios
Moderador de Diarios
Apr 03, 2009
Messages: 12569

Date: Wed Oct 26, 2022 08:49 pm    Subject: Re: Eslovenia: Que visitar, alojamiento, rutas

Puedes comentarnos cómo ha ido esa visita a Vintgar aquí:

Lago Bled, Garganta de Vintgar, Lago Bohinj - Eslovenia

Saludos Amistad
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