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July marks the beginning of the Belize Tourism Board’s local ad campaign launch. The theme of the campaign is “Discover How To Be A Belizean Traveller.” This campaign is centered on getting Belizeans to travel locally and to promote the regional icons, which were developed as a part of our rebranding.

The objectives of the campaign are:

1. To encourage Belizeans, living in the country, to travel locally in order to keep our dollars at home and promote local businesses.

2. Sensitization of the regional icons.

3. Get local industry partners on board to facilitate locals travelling to various destinations

Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Noriko Gamero, commented, “ We hope that this campaign will show the Belizeans that there is no need to go anywhere else on vacation, when an unforgettable experience awaits you in your own backyard. To make this affordable, BTB embarked on a partnership
with stakeholders and developed the PROMO CODE to offer bargain package deals to Belizean Travellers.”

The campaign is being carried out through 6 months (July 2015 –December 2015). Each month, a new region with its icon will be presented to the public, through newspaper ads, radio ads, billboards and TV ads.

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Timeline & Regional icons

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