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Several events will take place in Avignon on the autumn of 2014: Luminessences in the Palace of the Popes, Medieval Crafts and Arts Workshops, Autumn Organ Festival, Avignon Blues Festival, Parcours de l'Art, Model show, Millévin, Animo Nature, Christmas Markets....

Luminessences a monumental video show in the Palace of the Popes
Every night to October 11th
A monumental video show presented by the Palace of the Popes in the Honour Courtyard. A show combining sound, light, voice and new technologies, and screened on all 4 interior walls in the Honour Courtyard. Every evening, the ancient stones express the quintessence of the venue and tell the story of the Popes and of the city. The experience envelops the public and takes viewers on a dreamlike journey through the centuries and through the elements, in a kaleidoscope of images and sound, full of surprise and wonder. Not to be missed! The show lasts approximately thirty minutes. It is screened twice each evening at 9:15 and 10:15pm. Ticket prices are 8 Euros or 10 Euros.

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Medieval Crafts and Arts Workshops at the Palace of the Popes
In the very heart of the Palace of the Popes, the biggest Gothic palace in the western world, the Association Altera Roma proposes classes in arts and crafts that have been in existence since the Middle Ages: illuminated letters, calligraphy, marbling, ceramics for adults with half-day introduction or whole day classes.

04 and 05/10: Illuminated manuscripts, with Marie-France Parronchi
11 and 12/10: Calligraphy, with Anne Demoustier
18 and 19/10: Marbling, with Zeynep Uysal Kog
25 and 26/10: Ceramics, with Stephan Leclercq (full day)
08 and 09/11: Illuminated manuscripts, with Marie-France Parronchi
10/11: Ikebana with Georgine Duquesne
15 and 16/11: Calligraphy, with Anne Demoustier
22 and 23/11: Ceramics, with Stephan Leclercq (full day)
06 and 07/12: Illuminated manuscripts, with Marie-France Parronchi
11/12 : Ikebana avec Georgine Duquesne
13 and 14/12: Marbling, with Zeynep Uysal Kog
20 and 21/12: Calligraphy, with Anne Demoustier
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Autumn Organ Festival in Avignon
25 September to 22 November
The Autumn Organ Festival celebrates the magnificent venues in the churches in Avignon and offers a beautiful, varied and festive programme of organ concerts featuring the prestigious organs in Avignon. The series of concerts takes place throughout the Fall in Avignon. Check dates and places and other information on:

Avignon Blues Festival
Thursday 16 at 8:30pm, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 October at 8pm
The 17th edition of the powerful Avignon Blues Festival is organised by La Voix du Blues, and is the last stop on the Blues Freeway, the Blues Road in Provence. A rich palette of blues music which takes in Gospel, Rhythm’n-blues, Soul, Louisiana Cajun Blues and Blues-Rock. Certain concerts venture in offbeat Pop-Folk with refreshing verve.
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Parcours de l'Art – 20th edition
October 4th to 25th
40 artists of different media exhibit in 40 venues in Avignon: exhibitions, cinema, conferences. Painting, engraving, sculpture, photography, video… The event wishes to promote the artists as well as the exchange between the public and these artists. Throughout Avignon art galleries, workshops, shops, restaurants, coffee shops... invite the visitor to follow the trail from one venue to another and discover an artistic stroll. This year 3 artists from the Ukraine are invited and a special theme proposed : What means “to see”?

Model show
Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 November
At the Avignon Fairgrounds, a dynamic scale-model show, including remote controls, models and collectors’ toys. Exhibitors include nearly 200 private collectors and clubs from all over Europe. This is one of the biggest markets for models and old toys. Lots of fun to see and be part of, with trains, autos, planes, copters, boats, models, figurines, dolls and workshops…

Thursday November 20th
Millévin celebrates the new vintage with festive events in the heart of Avignon: discovery and tastings of the Côtes du Rhône Primeur wines, sales of the recent Côtes du Rhône vintages, parade of the wine-making brotherhoods, the evening continues in Avignon restaurants which propose special Côtes du Rhône menus.

Animo Nature
November 22nd and 23rd
The Animo Nature show is one of the biggest animal shows in France, happening at Avignon exhibition park. The show is a true invitation to discover over 6,000 beautiful animals – fur, feathers and scales - are all on board with displays of dogs, cats, birds, chickens and ducks, reptiles and chinchillas, animals from the farm and from the field, donkeys, mares… Not to be missed! This 4th edition includes a competition of animal photo- selfie version - , and the French exhibition of aviculture, the international beauty dog completion and an agility completion as well as lots of other special events throughout the show. www.animo-nature

Christmas Market
December 2014
In the heart of the city, a Christmas market featuring some sixty crafts stands and city merchants who offer their wares from the small chalets, proposing santons, gifts, regional products and everything you need to prepare for the Christmas holidays! Music, folk dance and song, parades and games enliven the daily Christmas market, and a wonderful provençal crèche scenes are on display.

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