From Slovenia around the world in the ultra light aircraft

Viernes, 13 Enero de 2012 a las 14:02:40

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From Slovenia, a Central European country at the juncture of the Alps and the Mediterranean, today, on 8 January 2012, the Virus SW ultra light plane has set out on a two-month journey around the world. Weighing merely 290 kilos, this plane, which uses a minimum amount of fuel, was constructed by the Slovenian manufacturer, Pipistrel, a recurrent winner of the NASA award for top energy-efficient planes.

Sustainable development in all fields is a priority of Slovenia, which, although one of the smaller European countries, invites the entire international community to become even more devoted to protecting the environment and solving the problem of climate change, protecting local cultures and friendlier social relations.

From Slovenia, across Africa to North and South America and the Antarctic and over to Australia and Asia, over Mount Everest and India and back home again, the plane will be piloted by Matevž Lenarčič, a biologist, photographer and nature protectionist. He will be accompanied, in mind and heart, by all of Slovenia and its National Tourist Board. Everywhere the brave pilot lands with his environmentally friendly plane, he will bring with him the best wishes of the citizens of this green and welcoming country, and especially, a country that takes care of the planet and global friendship.

Think small - think light - think green

The pilot Matevž Lenarčič will regularly post his impressions about the journey at

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