The Arctic Circle Express Train

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Ride the Nordland Railway through a beautiful and changing landscape, from Trondheim to Bodo, crossing the Arctic Circle. Norway`s longest train journey is a true adventure through local villages, rugged mountains, and coastal terrain.

Let's go north!
Cross 293 bridges, travel through 154 tunnels, and even cross the Arctic Circle! Norway's longest continuous train line is quite a journey. A seat on board the 729-kilometre-long Nordland Railway brings you close to both. The journey showcases a huge variety in both landscape, culture, and climate.

The train crosses the large Saltfjellet mountain range, and you can actually see a botanical divide on the southern and northern part of the mountain, so the mountain is almost like a border. On the southern side you have spruce forests, while on the northern side you pass through pine forests. It's the same thing with some of the animal species, too.

You can travel the Nordland Railway on board the night train as well. If you're lucky, you can spot the magical northern lights while travelling during winter. The night train is also well worth a ride in summer – the midnight sun keeps the sky lit up, so you don't miss a thing.

The train passes several historic places on its way up north, including many World War II sites. The railway itself is also rich in history.

The first stage: Trondheim city's train station
Board the train at the city's train station or, directly from the airport, hop on the Nordland line at Værnes.

Verdal: One and a half hours after leaving Trondheim, the train makes a stop at Verdal.

Steinkjer station: The Golden Road Net stop is Steinkjer station from there you can visit the idyllic Golden Road, where you can explore both beautiful nature, sample delicious food, and discover arts and crafts in beautiful Inderøy.

Lassemoen station: Here you can visit Namsskogan Wildlife Park.

Majavatn station: In this stop we can explore Børgefjell National Park.

Mosjøen station: A quaint town on the Helgeland coast You're in the geographic centre of Norway,

Mo i Rana station: here you can visit the Helgeland Museum and the science centre Vitensenteret Nordland.

Train follows the Ranaelv river up into Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, where you'll find the second-largest glacier on mainland Norway, Svartisen.

A bit later, you will hear a message over the loudspeakers as the train crosses the magical Arctic Circle. You're officially entering the kingdom of the midnight sun.

Lønsdal station: Hiking in Saltfjellet
The first station north of the Polar Circle is Lønsdal. Here you can spend some more time exploring the mountain.

Valnesfjord station: The children's national park
The train makes a stop at Valnesfjord, a great access point for hiking in Sjunkhatten National Park.

Bodo Station... the last stop.

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