Bremen Event Highlights 2022

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To celebrate the start of the new year, we're delighted to give you an overview of lots of the major events that will be held in Bremen in 2022. We hope you will be inspired by new exhibitions, festivals and the maritime flair of the Hanseatic city!

Klangfrisch-2022 Bremen, City of Music

In Bremen, it's not only the Bremen Town Musicians who play music. In 2022, music will be celebrated under the banner of "Klangfrisch", a new sound. Bremen lives for music, and this passion brings together a myriad of events, performance stages and people in the Hanseatic city. Be inspired by the atmosphere of the Bremen Music festival and discover the new sounds and diverse musical styles of Bremen's music scene!
The sound of Bremen

La Strada - Street art in Bremen
Art, theatre and circus acts in the open air: that's what you'll find at the La Strada street art festival. In June 2022, the La Strada international festival of street art will entice you to discover new artistic forms of expression and be amazed by the eye-catching performances held throughout the entire city centre.
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Freimarkt - Bremen's 5th season

As we say in Bremen, "Ischa Freimaak!": it's time for the Freimarkt funfair! Every year, from the middle of October, crowds stream to Bremen's Bürgerweide to enjoy the Hanseatic city's 5th season. The traditional Freimarkt funfair will take place for the 986th time, with a multitude of delicious treats to accompany the thrills and spills . Let yourself be carried away by the largest funfair in the North!
Bremen's 5th season

Exhibition highlights
Make new discoveries in Bremen's museums and worlds of knowledge
Discover Art Nouveau Böttcherstraße museums, perform experiments in the Universum Bremen or visit the Bremen Kunsthalle: you will find something to suit every taste in our exhibition highlights 2022! Discover Bremen's museums and worlds of knowledge and science and find inspiration and unusual aspects of art, culture and science.
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Art and culture on the Osterdeich
The Osterdeich on the banks of the river Weser is the home of Bremen's annual five-day open-air cultural festival: the Breminale. It's where you'll find art and culture to delight young and old alike. Alongside the music, dance and theatre performances, there's also no lack of culinary delights. Enjoy Bremen's cultural high point on the Weser in the middle of July 2022!
More about the Breminale

Upcoming events

Dates for your diary

all year klangfrisch Bremen and Bremerhaven

all year 400th anniversary of the Vegesacker Hafen Bremen-Vegesack

up to 27.2.2022 Manet and Astruc. Friendship and Inspiration Kunsthalle Bremen

up to 27.2.2022 Van Gogh - The immersive experience BLG-Forum

up to 10.4.2022 Young & Wild - Growing up beastly Übersee-Museum

up to 20.4.2022 Up to Space Universum Bremen

8.4.-24.4.2022 Osterwiese Bürgerweide Bremen

8.4.-14.8.2022 The Mystery of Banksy BLG-Forum

9.6.-12.6.2022 La Strada Bremen city centre

from 1.7.2022 Seebühne Waterfront Bremen

2.7.-23.7.2022 Shakespeare in the park Bürgerpark

13.7.-17.7.2022 Breminale Osterdeich

20.8.-10.9.2022 Musikfest more than 25 locations

15.10.-31.10.2022 Freimarkt Bürgerweide Bremen

22.11-23.12.2022 Christmas market and Schlachte magic Market square & Weserpromenade

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