Reconnecting New Zealand to the World

Miercoles, 03 Noviembre de 2021 a las 10:53:07

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Reconnecting New Zealanders to the World is the Government's plan to safely re-open our borders and develop new ways for people to travel to and from Aotearoa New Zealand.

This is a new framework for travel that will involve gradually shifting our border settings from where New Zealand is now, with travel based on country-to-country arrangements, to a risk-based travel approach based on individual travellers. It will take into account a number of factors, including vaccine status.

Self-isolation is part of the Government’s plan for re-opening borders and allowing more people to visit and return home to New Zealand without the requirement to enter managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ).

A self-isolation pilot over October and December 2021 will test some of the systems and processes that would be needed to roll out self-isolation more widely.

Traveller Health Declaration System
The traveller health declaration system will collect information from travellers arriving in New Zealand. In future, New Zealand will assess the health risk of each traveller depending on their vaccination status, test results and where they have travelled.

This information will be used to help facilitate the traveller on arrival to New Zealand, for example whether they need to go into a MIQ facility, or be eligible for other isolation options and testing requirements.

In order to confirm people’s vaccination status, this system will be able to validate the vaccination certificate and show it is authentic and can be trusted. The complexity of digital and operational systems that the traveller health declaration system needs means it will be developed in stages with security and simplicity for users being key to the solution. The first version will be available in Quarter1 2022.

Vaccination Certificates
Vaccination status and verification will be an important part of supporting New Zealanders to travel internationally. The Ministry of Health is currently piloting a web application called My COVID Record so people can access their vaccination and test records using the new My Health Account. This service is available to the public in mid-October.

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