4 Slovenia Unique new Experiences

Domingo, 31 Octubre de 2021 a las 22:41:14

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4 new experiences have been added to the Slovenia Unique Experiences collection: "Yummy Market Walk" at the Ljubljana market, "Fish&Fly Trio" – fly fishing on three rivers, "Meet Meat & Eat" at Kodila in Markišavci, and "Sound of holidays" in Bodešče. There are already 21 experiences in the collection.

The selected experiences fulfil Slovenia's promise and position as a green boutique destination for 5-star experiences. Take a look at the inspiring stories and incorporate them into your journey of discovering Slovenia.

Yummy Market Walk
The urban experience of the Ljubljana market as a central city hub is boutique and authentic, as it is based on a personalized, local experience. While walking around the market, accompanied by a local guide, who reveals the most interesting stories of Plečnik's market and shows hidden corners, you taste fresh seasonal delicacies produced by local farmers from the vicinity of Ljubljana. Finish your visit to the market with a delicious, fresh and local breakfast at the market place.

Fish & Fly Trio
The Fish & Fly Trio product follows the principles of the boutique and highly profitable segment of fishing tourism. It is a unique experience of fly fishing, which takes place on three Slovenian rivers (Kolpa, Krka and Soča) according to the 'catch and release' principle and the catch of three different fish species (grayling, brown and marble trout). It connects fishing guides, accommodation and gastronomy providers of three destinations, while dispersing tourist flows from more besieged alpine to less exploited karst rivers. The product with great market potential stands out since it offers the experience of three different fishing destinations. In addition, the guest is transported by helicopter between individual locations and sleeps and tastes the local delicacies of three different destinations.

Meet Meat and Eat
For the last twenty years, Janko Kodila has been connecting top Pomurje providers from the left and right banks of the Mura River through various products, including Gourmet over Mura. The Meet Meat & Eat product is an experiential experience of the Kodila culinary centre in Markišavci. By visiting the ripening room of Prekmurje ham, one gets an insight into the technological process of meat maturation and learns the difference between the Krškopolje and Mangalica breeds. With the master chef, one walks to the house field, which is cultivated together with organic, social farm Korenika. This is followed by baking grilled meat delicacies and tasting meat and excellent vegetarian dishes.

Sound of Holidays
Sound of holidays is an interpretation of cultural heritage, folk tradition, old customs and habits, folk singing, dancing and music of our ancestors. By showing the various holidays in the year, i.e. all four seasons, the product also contributes to the deseasonalisation of the tourist offer nearby Bled. The event takes place at Sodar's homestead, a more than 500-year-old house in Bodešče. Participants can join the artists for traditional dances and feel the festivities spirit of Gorenjska, while also getting to know the clothing image from Prešeren's time, tasting local delicacies and listening to village stories.

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