Bremen, The coffee city

Viernes, 01 Octubre de 2021 a las 19:50:07

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First of October is Coffee Day. Where better to spend the Coffee Day than in Bremen? The brown bean, which is celebrated internationally on first of October, has a long history in the Hanseatic city. To this day, the beans of every second cup of coffee in Germany are traded through Bremen. Regardless whether Johann Jacobs or Ludwig Roselius, coffee has always been at home in Bremen. Take a look at our amazing caf├ęs for a cozy autumn day.

A slice of cake and a reviving cup of coffee? Or would you rather have tea? Bremen has a multitude of wonderful places in which you can "Kaffeesieren", which means "enjoying a cup of coffee" in Bremen. Here are just a few of them we're sure you'll enjoy.

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