Summer mode is ON in Slovenia!

Jueves, 23 Agosto de 2018 a las 00:54:21

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It seems that summer has reached its peak. Not only in terms of temperatures, but also in terms of the atmosphere. Numerous festivals are taking place now and cheerful gatherings with friends make summer nights so special and worthwhile. If you're in a cultural mood, head to Kamnik, the venue of KamFest, an 8-day open-air festival, which starts today. If you're more into nature and in search of some hidden spots, we also reveal the location of the recently opened biological swimming pool.

This is yet another in a row of sustainable and eco-friendly projects, which prove that Slovenia is leading the way in the world of sustainable travel. Max and Oksana, the authors of the award-winning blog on sustainable travel, were thrilled about what our country has to offer. With breathtaking nature and amazing art, which can be found all over the country – as for example at the revamped Tartini Hotel in Piran – Slovenia is really the place to be!

New biological swimming pool just opened!
Bioterme Glamping Sun Valley features a brand new biological swimming pool, which is reserved for the guests staying at the glamping resort.

What's the thing about beer in Kamnik?
Kamnik is home to as many as 5 micro-breweries. Each of these breweries has its own special story. And now it's just about the right time to explore them.

Art Hotel Tartini: the make-over of the iconic hotel!
The iconic Tartini Hotel has been revamped into a unique design hotel, featuring works of the world-renowned Slovenian artist Jaša.

Cycling in Slovenia has gone big!
Slovenia is a country of cycling enthusiasts. And here are the stories which prove this yet once again. And yes, Primož Roglič is included.

Drink Tea & Travel – on sustainable travel through Slovenia
In June, the Slovenian Tourist Board hosted the authors of the award-winning blog on sustainable way of travelling.

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