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Galería de Fotos de Disneyland Paris - Photo Gallery of Disneyland Paris

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 Pictures of Travels in Adventureland, Frontierland, Fatasyland, Hotels, Parades, Walt Disney Studio

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Go to big photo: Caroussel - Disneyland   Caroussel - Disneyland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Carrousel is a ride in Fantasyland at Disneyland park. Walt Disney wanted to recreate the Griffith Park carousel.
Go to big photo: Mad Hatter Tea Cups - Disneyland   Mad Hatter Tea Cups - Disneyland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Mad Tea Party is a spinning tea cup ride at Disneyland Paris and other Disney parks around the world. Located in Fantasyland is a funny, also knowed as Alice's Tea Party.
Go to big photo: It is a small world - Disneyland   It is a small world - Disneyland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: The attraction features a multitude of audio animated figures in the style of children of the world singing the ride's title track, which has a theme of global peace. You feel that ride is too short.
Go to big photo: Pirates of the Caribbean -Adventureland- Disneyland   Pirates of the Caribbean -Adventureland- Disneyland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Pirates of the Caribbean is a indoor ride at the Disneyland. During the course of the boat ride, guests float through an immersing, larger-than-life pirate adventure featuring gunshots, cannon blasts, and burning buildings...
Go to big photo: Far West -Frontierland - Disneyland   Far West -Frontierland - Disneyland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Frontierlands are home to cowboys and saloons, red rock buttes and gold rushes. Frontierlands Carries to you the Far west Atmosphera.
Go to big photo: Castle of the Sleeping Beauty from Main Street- Disneyland   Castle of the Sleeping Beauty from Main Street- Disneyland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Sleeping Beauty Castle from Main Street.
Go to big photo: Hotel Cheyenne - Disneyland   Hotel Cheyenne - Disneyland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Disney Hotel Cheyenne is a hotel located at Disneyland Resort Paris, inspired by popular representations of the American Old West. Next to Santa Fe Hotel.
Go to big photo: Goofy signing autographs - Walt Disney Studios   Goofy signing autographs - Walt Disney Studios
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Goofy signing autographs to the children.
  Total Pictures: 65   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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