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Country Report
Birmania (Myanmar): Experiencias Personales: Hay pocos países de los que todos los viajeros, sin excepción, vuelvan enamorados. Sin lugar a dudas uno de ellos es Birmania. El país es impresionante: sus rios, sus ciudades, sus pagodas, sus lagos... pero uno de sus mayores patrimonios son sus gentes. Gentes de buen corazón, de las que ya no ...
(read more...)

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Galería de Fotos de Myanmar - Photo Gallery of Myanmar

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 Pictures of Travels in Myanmar, Burma: Yangoon, Mandalay, Amarapura, Popa Mount, Bagan, Inle lake, Bago, Kalaw, Phaungdawoo...

  Total Pictures: 62   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>
Go to big photo: Reclining Buddha of Hlaung Daw Mu-Monywa-Burma   Reclining Buddha of Hlaung Daw Mu-Monywa-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: It is one of the most famous and largest Reclining Buddha Images in Myanmar.It is 74 m long and 21m high.
Go to big photo: Female Baboon with a baby-Monywa-Burma   Female Baboon with a baby-Monywa-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: Baboons are common in Cave Temples of Po Win Taung in Monywa or in Mount Popa, where we should be very cautious, avoiding to show food or objects than may attract their attention.
Go to big photo: Cave Temples of Po Win Taung-Monywa-Burma   Cave Temples of Po Win Taung-Monywa-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: This extraordinary complex consists of 947 sandstone caves dug out of the hills and contains what is considered by archaeologists to be the richest collection of mural paintings (some dating from the early 17th century) and unique Buddhist statues in South-East Asia.
Go to big photo: Landscape-Burma   Landscape-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: Myanmar has marvelous landscapes in the hilly regions,with vegetables plantation and terrace-landing cultivation.
Go to big photo: Workers-Pindaya Caves-Burma   Workers-Pindaya Caves-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: According to the UNESCO,Burma's official literacy rate as of 2000 was 89.9%.Historically, Burma has had high literacy rates.El trabajo es legal a partir de los 12 años.
Go to big photo: Pindaya Caves-Burma   Pindaya Caves-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: The caves since ancient times have been places of worship and veneration with 8094 Buddha images made from various materials like teak wood,marble,alabaster,brick,cement and lacquer.
Go to big photo: Monastery Yoke Sone Kyaung-Salay-Burma   Monastery Yoke Sone Kyaung-Salay-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: Salay is a colorful old religious center about 1 ½ hours south of Bagan.The Monastery Yoke Sone Kyaung built in 1882 is famous with its spectacular woodcarvings,ancient Buddha images,utensils of Yadanabon 19 century period and the museum of Myanmar famous writer U Pone Nya.
Go to big photo: Transport-Burma   Transport-Burma
  Author: Marta Leonor Vidal
  Text: Burma has a population of about 55 million, altough no trustworthy nationwide census has been taken in Burma since 1931.There are over 600.000 registered migrant workers from Burma in Thailand and millions more work illegally.
  Total Pictures: 62   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>

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